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The Working Life - Annette Miller
Post-schoolers Career Guidance, Australia
Annette has a particular interest and expertise in working with students (post-schoolers, tertiary students) and adults seeking career change / looking to enter or re-enter the job market or adults approaching retirement.
Melanie Williams
Career Counselling, Cape Town, South Africa
Melanie Williams has a background in education and career counselling. She has a BA (Honours) degree in Psychology (UPE) and a Higher Diploma of Education (UCT). She has taught English and Life Orientation in top Cape Town high schools over the past 25 years. In 2013, she registered with the HPCSA as a psychometrist and has offered career counselling to hundreds of high school students and young adults since then. She enjoys assisting Grade 9s with their subject choices as well as Grades 11s and 12s with their career choices.
Welmoet Bok
Clinical and Health Psychologist, Cape Town, South Africa
Welmoet, a Clinical and Health Psychologist, works in association with this practice particularly in providing counselling and coping mechanisms for clients whose study / career path is affected by high levels of stress and anxiety. She can be contacted at
Cape Town, South Africa
With many years experience both in the property management business as well as in his first love, the training of lay counsellors, Allan has, over the past twelve years, become a familiar presence in the testing room as he administers the tests with humour and warmth.