For Adults and Students

Students; employed adults, career re-entry, midlife changes, pre-retirement preparation

Annette Miller
With a Masters degree in Industrial Psychology and more than two decades of experience gained in private practice with thousands of clients of all ages, Annette enjoys helping clients of all ages to establish and realise their personal and career goals. Such a process could involve the use of psychometric assessment but always in combination with a great deal of narrative counselling. All clients are encouraged to encounter who they are, and to explore their life story in the process of making optimal career decisions. 

Annette is registered with the Health Professions Council of SA; Family Mediators Association of the Cape; Society for Industrial and Organisational Psychology SIOPSA; and the Board of Healthcare Funders. A proportion of her services is covered by most medical aids.

In-depth interview
with no psychometric testing
R600 (60 min) / R750 (90 min)

R650 (60 min) / R800 (90 min)

Full assessment
Assessment of cognitive ability (tests chosen according to age group and necessary core competencies; personality indicator; interests, and career values, with in-depth interview and feedback session and printed report. R3000

Personality Package
Measurement of personality, interests, and values plus in-depth interview. This takes about 3 hours. It is followed by a one hour feedback session with report.

Personality Package Plus
Personality assessment package (as above) including High Level Figure Classification Test measuring levels of reasoning capacity. This takes about 31/2 hours.

In depth interview plus Myers Briggs
Gives personality insight to underpin an in-depth interview and to assist in career decision making.

You can enjoy a full career assessment experience in the comfort of your own home.Click here for more details

COST: A quotation based on a personalised assessment programme will be furnished on  application.  Payment is made in advance of the testing.

Once payment has been received you will be furnished with the password to complete the questionnaires