Counselling & Mediation

Annette Miller
With a Masters degree in Industrial Psychology and more than two decades of experience gained in private practice with thousands of clients of all ages, Annette enjoys helping clients of all ages to establish and realise their personal and career goals. Such a process could involve the use of psychometric assessment but always in combination with a great deal of narrative counselling. All clients are encouraged to encounter who they are, and to explore their life story in the process of making optimal career decisions. 

Annette is registered with the Health Professions Council of SA; Family Mediators Association of the Cape; Society for Industrial and Organisational Psychology SIOPSA; and the Board of Healthcare Funders. A proportion of her services is covered by most medical aids.

Emotional Intelligence Coaching: Based on personalised results gleaned from the EQ Test, this programme involves regular one-on-one interactions designed to enable people of any age to engage with their potential in such a way as to experience optimal personal and career growth. Divorce Mediation: To enable couples approaching divorce to work through the issues of finance, and issues of care and contact relating to children within a non-threatening and supportive environment. Both Annette Miller and Allan Knighton-Fitt are registered Mediators with FAMAC