Staff Development

Annette Miller
With a Masters degree in Industrial Psychology and more than two decades of experience gained in private practice with thousands of clients of all ages, Annette enjoys helping clients of all ages to establish and realise their personal and career goals. Such a process could involve the use of psychometric assessment but always in combination with a great deal of narrative counselling. All clients are encouraged to encounter who they are, and to explore their life story in the process of making optimal career decisions. 

Annette is registered with the Health Professions Council of SA; Family Mediators Association of the Cape; Society for Industrial and Organisational Psychology SIOPSA; and the Board of Healthcare Funders. A proportion of her services is covered by most medical aids.


For many people, corporate coaching is regarded as nothing more than a ‘flavour of the month’ intervention where employees (or even students) can come and ‘sound off’ to a sympathetic listener. However, it is so much more than that.

After twenty years in career guidance, Annette Miller began to see an urgent need for some on-going interaction with some of her clients and so, in 2014, she completed a qualification in Corporate Coaching.

This service is now being offered through this practice and is suitable for:

  • Employee growth and development issues (eg anger management, leadership challenges, interpersonal skills)
  • Accountability issues eg Students who, despite being academically able, seem unable to meet the rigours of tertiary education
  • Re-entry adults who are getting to grips with the workplace after years of being outside of it
  • Retiring adults who want to discover and explore options for the next stage of their lives

Coaching involves a set number of pre-arranged sessions where Annette will try to help you to find your place of optimal performance and satisfaction and to identify and execute the steps to its achievement.

Cost: R650 / hour or R800 / 90 minutes