Yes, you are now past the middle of grade 11. Matric beckons. You are probably already planning your group for Plett rage. And the girls are starting to doodle matric dance dresses in their homework books. You might feel flagging energy levels and are tempted to just cruise gently until the end of the year and then promise yourself to tackle matric with macro energy and engagement.

BUT allowing yourself to do just a smidgen more than the bare minimum to keep out of trouble and to get through is a seriously bad idea.

  • Once one loses focus one gets into sloppy academic habits which are really hard to rein in later. You lose much of the foundational work necessary to underpin you when you are working under the rigours of the last lap of the race which is matric. You will be spending your matric year playing catch-up and going to loads of extra lessons.
  • Teachers begin to view you as a bit directionless. It is hard to change their opinion later when you desperately need their help to catch up on the academic ground that you lost while you were coasting.
  • And the big one…..tertiary institutions require your grade 11 result when you apply to them during the course of grade 12. There is no avoiding it no matter how long you delay your application.

But, on a positive note:

  • Getting into the academic zone with focussed energy; a good plan of action; and an eye on the bigger goal means that you should:
    • enter grade 12 with momentum and a system that should carry you through to the end
    • be able to handle the extra responsibility (eg prefect, sport captain, head of society etc) in addition to your academic work and still emerge strong
    • be able to apply to tertiary institutions with a certain amount of confidence that you will be successful thus reducing energy-reducing stress on that front
    • enjoy matric to the full enjoying the challenge and personal growth with the reward of a long holiday at the end, and then tertiary study in the field of your choice.

A last thought: If you need a career assessment don’t leave it till the last minute. You will be too busy after May and then many tertiary institutions have 30 June as a closing date. The on-line discounted sessions are reserved for grade 12 until June. The 2015 dates will go up shortly. Take advantage of booking early and getting an early booking discount.

Enjoy the rest of grade 11. Come out proud and strong.