What do we do?

In 1994, Annette Miller, opened her Career Development Consultancy. Her aim was to fill the need of many learners to discover more about themselves and thus to be enabled to make wise and informed career decisions.

In 2010, she was joined by an associate, Lynn Crossland, who brought a wealth of career guidance experience to the practice. Since its inception, the practice has grown exponentially into the thriving and well known practice that it is today. Yet growth has in no way diminished the key facets of this consultancy which are:

  • The foundational belief in the worth and dignity of every person
  • The belief that there are career possibilities for everybody.
  • The desire that the insights gained though the career development counselling process will have an impact, not only on the person’s career choice, but on all areas of his/her life.
  • The ongoing relationship with the client which enables him/her to continue to touch base with Annette or Lynn when the need arises or when new decisions need to be made.